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The time for your new business venture has come. You have completed the testing stage, and your packaging design is totally pristine. You have to be 100% sure that you effectively market what you offer to your target audience.

In order to do this, it is crucial to use the most modern methods of search engine optimisation (SEO). Below you will discover three reasons why video marketing is a must-have for promoting your new product. By implementing proper video marketing tactics, you can truly stand apart from your business competitors.

1. The Internet Is Everyone’s Go-To Source

Today more than three billion Internet users get online via their computers, smartphones, and tablets. To further expand on this topic, take a look at some more specific statistics:

– On a daily basis, 100 million people view online videos. This includes a significant amount of advertisements.

– Almost half of the people who get online watch a minimum of one video per month.

– The average Internet user will watch about 17 full minutes of video advertising per month. If you break that down into 30-second advertisements, that is 34 individual ads per month.

From these simple numbers, it is pretty clear that you have the world in your hands when you take advantage of video marketing.

2. You Want To Build Customer Trust

Imagine that you are ordering a new pair of speakers online from a retailer you have never used before. Do you wonder what the specific features of the speakers are? Do you want to know what kind of computers they are compatible with?

If that online retailer has a video to answer these questions, you are much more likely to make a purchase. This is the exact same thought process that your potential customers have. Closely look at your product, and come up with common questions about it. Giving straightforward answers to crucial questions will build trust and the foundation of a strong client-customer relationship.

3. Text Is Getting Old These Days

Do you ever get tired of reading a long, wordy advertisement? Does this lead you to close the window and move on? Your potential customers do the exact same thing.

Those bland, repetitive text advertisements on Google and Facebook are simply bypassed because they do not stand out. However, you do need to make sure your videos are unique, short, and informative. A long-winded video with a confusing message is on par with a wordy, boring text advertisement.

Hiring a local SEO company will ensure that an effective video marketing campaign is carried out. SEO companies are experts in video marketing and understand how to reach a wide audience.

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Benefits of Hiring an Expert SEO Company

Employing a professional SEO company for websites is definitely advantageous being a professional provides the knowledge of how Search engines and also the algorithms operate. Appropriate strategies and processes need to be adopted for the best search engine results. Hire SEO expert today visit

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Intact Info Solutions is located in Los Angeles, Southern California. We are one of the best SEO Company Los Angeles specialize in providing high quality website design, software programming, SEO and Internet Marketing consulting, database development and other related IT solutions, Marketing, Web Maintenance and web hosting solutions.

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Los Angeles SEO Company – Our team comprises of a rich mix of IT Engineers, Finance and Marketing MBA’s, copywriters, sales professionals and creative artists with one common goal of driving YOUR business forward through a holistic solution package. Depending on the stage of business you are in, whether you are in the company formation stage or at a matured business position, our products will help you in leveraging a better value for your company.

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Los Angeles SEO Company : We offer an optimal mix of personnel onsite and off- site – so that we can keep our costs low without compromising on our quality. We treat all our customers to be unique, so our products will be tailored to your needs, though we do advise best practices and benchmarking based on our experience. Whether it is web development to custom process development, we will have software professionals and business analysts working in tandem to bring you the best product relevant to your unique practice while incorporating the best practices of the industry.
Our milestone based project schedule and development methodology which is prepared with your inputs has many safeguards to ensure timely completion of the projects. Our method makes sure that you have adequate say in all the stages of development cycle.
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Online Marketing Reading Pa, SEO Experts, Reading Marketing Services
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One bad online review can sink your business fast, Reputation Marketing can rebuild your brand
86% of online U.S. adults have used search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find more information about a business or person.
What Can Local SEO Hero Do for Your Business?

Most businesses who have crossed the rickety bridge online, risk so much effort, time and money. They want their business to flourish online, but found a few bad reviews about there business. It can definitely make or break the status of your company. We will manage your online reputation building a successful brand.

SEO Services | Santa Rosa California

Point Media Firm is a search engine optimization company based in Santa Rosa California. We work with SEO customers in the US across a number of different industries.

We currently offer the following SEO services:

SEO friendly Website Design Services
On-Page / On-Site SEO Recommendations
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How To Choose A Great SEO Company | Kath Luty | Business Mentor

How To Choose A Great SEO Company | Kath Luty | Business Mentor

This week’s Q&A Friday question was about How To Choose an SEO Service Provider that won’t rip you off. Now – I have had to turn the question on it’s head a bit, ‘cos there’s something that most people ignore, something you have to consider BEFORE you spend your resources on getting traffic…and that’s Conversion!

So this week’s video ended up being about Traffic vs Conversion…some mind-boggling numbers there that will show you WHY I had to address this.

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Conversion Rates

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Looking for the Best SEO Company in Baltimore, Maryland? We are and simply put, we are Baltimore’s Best SEO Company in Baltimore, Maryland when it comes to increasing sales on a monthly basis using proven sales tactics, strategies, and good old fashion American hard work.

With our GAURANTEED PAGE #1 Rankings BEFORE You PAY US, proven video marketing strategies, and professional graphics designer for your Custom Video Marketing needs in Baltimore to Atlanta. No one in the industry has the confidence or B$ !@’s to make this kind of absurd offer.

You see, what good is a marketing video explaining to the world how absolutely awesome your company is if no one can see your marketing video when they are ready to shop? GAURANTEED PAGE #1 Rankings BEFORE You PAY US! No one does SEO like this, they would go broke! No one knows SEO or Video Marketing Better than us!!!

We know how important having a customized marketing video can be to a business but we also know how expensive they are…well traditionally. You Pay us Just 9 but ONLY AFTER YOU ARE ON PAGE ONE of GOOGLE!!! No one else does video marketing like this!

At Revamp Strategies, we also understand how difficult and again expensive Search Engine Optimization can be for small business’s. Not to mention that with so many “Over Charge and Under Deliver”, “fly by night”, “shady SEO companies” out there, that it is so hard to make an informed decision.


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Grow your business with affordable organic SEO services, also known as organic search engine optimization.

So what is Organic SEO or Organic Search?

Organic search is the search results that are not the ads or the local maps results. Organic search is a great way for local businesses to get another spot on page 1 of the search results. You hear and see companies dominating the first page by having an ad on the page, their business listed on the local map results, their website in the local search results, a video in the organic results and maybe their yellow pages or Yelp listing on page 1.

Can you imagine how much business that could mean for your company. More chances for consumers to find you and less chances for them to find your competition.

Be Found Online with organic SEO services for your business!

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