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If you manage an online store, you’re probably well-versed in the “do’s” of ecommerce business management. What may be even more important, however, are things that you shouldn’t be doing. Check out today’s episode to learn 5 big no-nos when launching your ecommerce site. Looking for more great advice from our ecommerce experts? Check out our blog!

Create an eCommerce Website in WordPress – 2015

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In this video tutorial I’m going to show you something really special and that’s how to create your own mobile friendly eCommerce website using WordPress. We’ll make an online store where you can sell any type of products from T-shirts to coffee makers and even virtual products from your website. It’s a full WooCommerce tutorial and as always, totally beginner friendly. This tutorial has helped create over 5,000 website and I hope it helps you too!

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0:37 How My Tutorials Work
1:35 Chains By Lauren
3:45 Website Tour
5:54 Payment System and Real Sale
13:47 Steps to Make a Website
17:20 What It Costs
18:00 Use Coupon “batmanandrobin” to Save 30%
18:38 About WordPress
24:18 Get Hosting
36:05 HostGator Your Account Info Email
37:10 Install WordPress
42:17 Login to WordPress
43:50 Change Password
44:45 Activate Plugins
45:10 Deactivate & Delete Plugins
46:13 Install Theme
52:13 Install Recommended Plugins
55:07 Design Homepage
57:37 Using Theme Options to Design the Website
58:27 Drag and Drop Home Layout
59:48 Create Icon Menu
1:03:20 Get Free Images in Google
1:04:30 Upload Images to WordPress
1:05:47 Setup Blog
1:06:15 New Blog Post
1:06:56 Get Dummy Text
1:07:20 Set Blog Post Featured Image
1:08:30 Setup Image Gallery in Post
1:11:11 Embed YouTube Video
1:12:20 Create Pages
1:16:04 Remove Sidebar
1:17:50 Install WooCommerce
1:19:05 Create Navigation Menu
1:22:10 Make Fonts Larger
1:22:34 Create a Product
1:26:04 Making a Product Look Real
1:26:52 Setup On Sale and Reviews
1:28:40 Different Sizes and Colors (Variations)
1:41:47 Add More Products to the Shop and Home Page
1:48:22 Add Portfolio Section
2:05:25 Add Contact Page
2:09:35 Setup Footer
2:15:25 Insert Google Map
2:17:05 Add Testimonials
2:20:43 Cart Icon in Header
2:27:30 Create Image Slider
2:43:11 We’re Done…Congratulations!!!

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Created By: Dear Blogger

How to Create an Online Store (eCommerce Website)

I will teach everything you need to know to professionally create an online store, otherwise known as an eCommerce website. We’ll go through everything together step by step. This is easy even for beginners!

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Table of Contents:

Key Features – 00:45
Overview – 05:02

Store Domain and Hosting – – 07:37
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Install WordPress (Updated –
Install the Store Design – 20:28
Install WooCommerce – the eCommerce Platform – 24:49

Basic Settings – 27:36
Adding Products – 33:29
Accepting Payments(Getting Paid!) – 53:00
Sidebar Setup and Full-width pages – 01:05:50
Homepage Setup – 01:16:47
Shipping Options – 01:48:16
Adding Coupons – 01:54:14
Up-selling and Cross-selling – 01:59:53

Adding a Logo – 01:21:21
First we recommend you get one custom made for a few dollars:
Contact Us Page and Map – 01:25:28
Content Editor Basics – 01:31:30
Dropdown Menu – 01:41:30
Finished Online Store – 02:05:32
Finished demo –

You have just set up your own eCommerce website, and are able to accept payments!

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