Free SEO Tools: Our Top 11 Tools

In this video, we take a look at the best Free SEO Tools that you can use for the following areas of your research, reporting and optimisation opportunities:

Keyword Research – Discover great free tools to understand what your target audience are searching for so you can target them as effectively as possible as well as find out the estimated search demand.

Competition Research – The suggestions for free tools include Competition Research to help provide you with a greater knowledge of the digital search market that you are competing against to help plan an effective Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

Website & Graphic Creation – Create a more professional style for your site by using the free tools shown in the video and save a fortune on professional editing software and designer costs.

On-Page SEO – We take a look at a tool beyond Google Search console to help you optimise and improve your search visibility by highlighting some of the key issues from your on page content.

Reporting – Also we look at the best free tools for Analytics, Site speed and how to track your rankings without spending any additional money.

Backlinks – Find out who is linking to your website for free and begin improving your link profile to minimise the risk from backlinks and enhance existing links.

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Free SEO Tutorial 2015 – Comprehensive Hands-on Course

In this hour long SEO tutorial we’ll dive into various topics and tips related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as you need to understand it for 2015 / 2016. We’ll talk about website architecture, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, social citations and much more.

This online marketing tutorial is designed to be a crash course in internet marketing that covers everything you need to know to popularize your website (both basic and advanced topics).

Best of all this hands training video hands-on course so we’ll ask that you work along beside us as we use our SEO tools to help optimize a page within your website.

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00:01 – SEO Introduction
01:00 – About Your Teacher
02:23 – SEO Checklist
03:10 – What is SEO & Thinking Like a Search Engine
04:20 – Benefits of SEO
06:18 – Search Engine Optimization is NOT Singular
07:15 – DIY SEO Approach
09:07 – Website Architecture
09:37 – Website Visitor Funnels
11:50 – Website Tiers
12:18 – Link Juice & Page Authority
13:12 – Keyword Research Tools & Planning
13:50 – Data Is Modern Day Alchemy
17:55 – Free SEO Tools
19:41 – SEO Dashboard
19:55 – Keyword Research Tool
20:56 – On-page Optimization
27:57 – Engagement Metrics
30:33 – Rank Tracking
34:10 – Off-page Optimization (Links & Social Citations)
34:29 – Social Citations
36:06 – Getting Backlinks
36:31 – Anchor Text Diversification (Exact Match Keywords)
37:16 – No-Follow & Do-Follow Links (Link Juice)
38:24 – Places to Get Free Links
38:28 – Competitor Backlink Spy Tool (For High Quality Backlinks)
39:35 – Strategies for Link Outreach
43:33 – Social Listening Tools (For Links & Citations)
45:20 – SEO Timelines & Expectations (How Long SEO Takes)
45:54 – Competitor Link Profile (Where You Are In the Race)
46:49 – Search Engine Domain Bias
48:52 – SEO Ideas For Small Sites Just Starting Out
51:33 – Conclusion & Gift!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this comprehensive beginner to advanced SEO tutorial. If you have questions please leave them below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel!

HOW TO GET 1000 Visitors PER DAY FREE – Backlink beast Best SEO software -High Quality Backlinks

HOW TO GET GET 1000 Visitors PER DAY – Backlink beast Best SEO software -High Quality Backlinks

Keep out of Google’s crosshairs, and relax knowing that YOU are in complete control of your linking and rankings! Use Backlink Beast to automate these link tiers.

Protect your money site while hammering it with reputable links from what we call “buffer links”. These buffer links act as barriers to any potential over-optimization of using too many exact match target keywords in the links to your money site. Essentially, the link tiers act as a “buffer” for your money site!

And THIS is how to protect your money site. Do NOT hammer away at your money site like we did back in the day with nothing but our target keywords. Those days are long gone!

A backlink is only a link from another web site to yours. Such links really are a cornerstone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The quantity of backlinks a blog or site has means authority with search engines like google. All search engines like yahoo, specially the big kahuna this agreement every one of us must offer tribute, Google, include backlinks of their algorithms. They give greater credence to sites with a larger amount of quality backlinks which translates to more relevant within a search query, and therefore more search results traffic.

Backlink Beast’s multi-threaded submission process is like having 100 employees creating your accounts, submitting your content, building your links, and generating your reports at the exact same time!

Use our built-in campaign scheduler to distribute your links evenly over time, drip feeding them to your sites naturally. You can set it up months in advance so you do the work once and it keeps pumping links and rankings for weeks and months to come… totally hands off. -HOW TO GET 1000 Visitors PER DAY FREE – Backlink beast Best SEO software -High Quality Backlinks

SEO Tools 2016: Top 10 * FREE * Tools for Search Engine Optimization Success

There’s nothing better than free, is there? Well free tools for free SEO are better yet. (Free materials at, including a free copy of the SEO Toolbook). In this action-packed video tutorial, Jason McDonald shares his top ten tips and free tools for effective search engine optimization. He beings with keyword tools, proceeds through tools to do better on page optimization including Page Tags, examines links and link-building tools, and ends up with metrics tools. Participants also get access to his SEO Toolbook – a .99 value, at no cost, just for watching the video. Questions? Call us at 800-298-4065 or visit us at