Link Building Basics Tutorial – Back link Building for SEO – Introduction to Link Building Strategy.

This session covers the fundamentals concepts of link building. What is backlink, Types of Backlinks, DoFollow & NoFollow Backlinks, Guidelines of Backlink building.

In the present SEO landscape creating unique and high quality backlinks is extremely essential for top rankings in search engines.

SEO Link Building Tutorial: How to Get Links Where Competitors Have Them

Watch this video by SEO Expert Steve Wiideman on how to find and rank links where your competition has them using simple search engine optimization tools.

There are three core ranking criteria for search engines like Google and Bing: Relevancy, Popularity, and User Choice (in search results). Provided your website is search engine-friendly and contains unique content around the terms you’d like to rank for, this SEO link building tutorial will satisfy the 2nd ranking criteria to help you move up in Google, thereby increasing traffic (and hopefully sales).

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