Local SEO 101 (for Small Business Owners)


Local seo 101 – How to rank your business for local search results. The definitive guide to local seo rankings, including NAPS, links, on page optimisation and Google plus.

0:00 – Introduction to Local seo
0:20 – Introduction to myself
0:46 – What is local seo?
2:26 – Why and Who needs local seo services?
5:34 – How often users use Google to search for local businesses
6:57 – How STEP 1 – Keywords
9:37 – How STEP 2 – Metrics, traffic, sales, profit.
10:58 – SEO Myths
13:46 – The Method – part 1 – on-page optimisation
17:38 – The Method – part 2 – NAPs and citations
18:37 – NAPs continued
19:26 – Before we go any further
19:49 – Examples of citation / NAP sources
20:10 – Example of a perfect NAP.
21:27 – Why NAPs Rock – Huge ranking factor
22:14 – Part 3: Backlinks – The Power
23:13 – Part 4 – The Rest
24:22 – The PIE CHART
25:06 – Part 5 – Google Plus and Google my business
26:07 – A few warnings
27:30 – Contact Me Slide

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Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2016 Edition) – Google My Business Optimization Tips

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Training Modules:

Google Maps SEO Introduction:

Google My Business SEO Step #1: Picking the Right Website Address:

Google My Business SEO Step #2: Creating the Right Website Structure:

Google My Business SEO Step #3: Boosting Your Citation “Authority”:

Google My Business SEO Step #4: The Importance of Content Syndication:

Google My Business SEO BONUS Training: “Geo-Optimization” for Maps:

In This Training Session I’m Going to Reveal the Exact Methods That You Need to Follow To Get Your Google My Business Listing to The Top of Google’s Local Search Results in 2016, In as Little as 7 Days.

You See Ever Since Google’s Latest Local Algorithm Update Known as “Pigeon” in Late July of 2014 The Local “Maps” Results Underwent MAJOR Changes Effecting Many Local Businesses…Maybe Even Yours?

The “Pigeon” Update Was Rolled Out Nationwide and Drastically Changed Google’s Local Search Results. You See Prior to Last July, If You Wanted to Get Your Business Listing to The Top of Google Maps Really All You Had to Do Was List Your Business in a Few Hundred Local Search Directory Websites Like Yelp, CitySearch, Foursquare, Yahoo Local, Manta, eZlocal, etc. And If You Did That, Within a Few Weeks to Maybe a Month, Your Listing Made it to Page #1. Basically You Could “List” Your Way to The Top of The Search Results. It Was Really as Simple as That…

Although The Ranking Factors Have Changed, Google My Business is Still The Fastest Way to Get Free Leads From the 97% of Local Consumers Looking to Find Your Products & Services.

If You Know Exactly What to Focus on and What to Stay Away From, You Can Get Your Listing to The Top Quickly.

What I’m About to Share With You Can & Will Have a Very Positive Impact on Your Business For The Rest of This Year and Beyond…

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Watch This Video Again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2Q48…

This video focuses on google my business seo and also google my business optimization & setup in 2016. It also can be used as a google my business optimization tutorial and google my business website building manual. I explain why should my business use google plus and google my business wordpress subject matter, google my business 2016, google my business youtube and finally google for my business….Phew!

Google Maps SEO – Local Search Engine Optimization Training in 2016

How to SEO Your Local Business

How to SEO your local business video tutorial is created by RankYa https://www.rankya.com shows methods for improving local search rankings in Google local places search result and also in Google web search results.

This video tutorial session explains local search engine optimization factors for achieving high Google rankings for local businesses. It details options in Google Webmaster Tools site settings for geo-targeting option. It explains how to incorporate Google Places for Business, and also the importance of placing local business details on local directories. Video lesson also details how to optimize landing pages for local search terms. Furthermore, the video tutorial shows how to Markup HTML web pages with LocalBusiness details as suggested by schema.org

Here’s where you can easily create your own geo Meta tags for your Local SEO: https://mygeoposition.com/

Here’s the information for schema.org local business details:

And as for Google Local Places for Business, more information can be found here: http://www.google.com.au/business/placesforbusiness/

Sample template file for you to Markup your HTML can be found here:

Now that you know different ways for search optimizing your website for locally based search terms your potential customers are likely to search Google with, why not share this video tutorial so that other online business owners can also learn more about “how to seo their local businesses” the URL to share is this:

If you want to learn more about how to improve your website ranking in Google organic search results (SERP) then you will also enjoy watching this video tutorial about Google rankings:

This video tutorial has been created by www.rankya.com search engine optimisation blog for all website owners so that they can also utilize the power of search engines like Google to drive website traffic to their site. I would like to encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel by visiting this URL:

I thank you for learning with me and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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