Android Google Play app store SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) (ASO) tips

Hey all. I wanted to do a quick video on some positive downloads we got on the Google Play market due to some basic app store optimisation (ASO) techniques. These are very easy to implement and have a big impact on downloads. As competition in the app stores increases, app store search optimisation (ASO) becomes increasingly important.

I hope you find this useful. Please drop a comment below if this has improved your downloads too, it’ll be good to see.

Happy Developing 🙂

SEO Content 2016 Tutorial – How To Create And Optimize Content – Search Engine Optimization

SEO Content 2016 Tutorial – How To Create And Optimize Content – Search Engine Optimization

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This video tutorial will teach you how you can create great content for your website, blog, youtube page… It will also teach you where to publish it and how to optimize it for your target phrase.

If you’re thinking what to publish, the answer is easy: great content! You should put a lot of work in making it and it WILL bring in quality valuable traffic. When you make content make sure you are comfortable with describing it with the following adjectives: useful, shareworthy, generous, unique, helpful, complete, newsworthy, entertaining.

You may also be wondering where to publish your content. You have a few options like on a new page on an existing website, on a 3rd-party website or even on a completely new domain. Ideally you of course want to publish on your own website, but only if it naturally fits under your brand. You need to also ask yourself if you need other content, to make the content credible. If that’s the case you should create it. In case you’re just looking for a quick start a 3rd-party website is recommended.

To optimize your content you must individually optimize your title tage, phrase used on the page, image alternative text, headings and internal links.