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How to get top position in SEO?
How to rank my website in google search?
Why is my website not getting any traffic?
Am I doing any mistakes in on page SEO?

Are you also thinking like the same way….

Plz… Control your frustration, I am also coming with the same background..

As an internet marketer I understood your frustration…

That`s why today I release this Video for all of my friends…

I refer 73+ websites, videos to make this video very crispy and short form (Checklist)…

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Ok! Let`s start now…

1. Title Optimization: Optimize your title with Main Keyword. If you want more weight in search results add your main keyword to beginning of the title. Then only you get more weight age.

2. Description Optimization: It`s not important to search engine rankings, but it`s more important to gain user click through rate (CTR).

Google is not giving any importance to the description, but other search engines still gives weight age. So, use main keyword in the description.

3. Url Optimization: Don`t add your total title into an url. Just use 3-5 words that to it must be a main keyword.

4. Content Optimization:
1. Use Main Keyword once in first and last paragraphs.
2. Use Main Keyword or Related Keywords in subheading (H2, H3). Give priority to showing BENEFIT in your subheadings then only your readers shows interest to read.
3. Write short sentences & less difficult words.
4. Add More LSI Keywords where ever is possible.
5. Add words what your readers EXACTLY Use.
6. Highlight important keywords, phrases (bold, italic, underline)
7. Use keyword rich anchor text internal links.
8. Add external link to trusted websites with do follow link. If you have any doubt about that website then add no follow to that link.
9. Maintain Keyword Density up to 1.5% with mix of LSI keywords.
10. Ideally keep your word count more than 700 words.
11. Engage your readers with images, PowerPoint presentations, gifs, videos… It helps to decrease the bounce rate.
12. Make sure to check your web page loads less than 4 seconds.
13. Add Social Sharing Buttons and ask them to share your content. Your social signals is very important to your website identity.

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