Youtube Keyword Tool Replacement for Video SEO keywords Research or VSEO Suggestion
If you want to do video SEO (VSEO) for YouTube, you’ll need to find out what are the popular keywords but YouTube has now removed the Keyword Tool.

However is an alternative that is still part of YouTube and free for anyone to use for keyword research or keyword suggestions to help you find the best Youtube Keywords.

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It’s great for finding YouTube keywords and phrases that people are typing in as part of your video SEO – VSEO but it doesn’t give you the detailed breakdown like the old one did.

It’s not Adwords or an external service but it been available for years hidden in plain sight offering high volume keywords without having to login.

In this video I’ll show you where it is and how to use it.

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How to Use Google Keyword Tool for SEO

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How to use Google Adwords Keyword tool shows how to conduct keyword research. Created by this video looks at using Google keyword tool advanced options and also gives useful SEO insights for webmasters who want to achieve high Google organic rankings.

How to use Google Keyword Tool is a must watch for those who are starting out to run their own SEO projects

Here’s the URL for Google Keyword Tool

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as it outlines many other methods for keyword research process

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Best, Free keyword tools which boost your website SEO

Learn this SEO tutorial for finding keywords for your website articles, new and intelligent keyword research using Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alexa for writing quality content.

Keyword Research is the major part in SEO

Note: Even though Google is Intelligent, Best practice is to find out Good keywords before writing articles or blog posts.

Why Keyword Research is Important

Users are busy/lazy, so they want to find out most relevant content by typing less words on search engines.
Those keyword contained title is noticed as well as its synonyms.
By doing keyword research, you will get an idea how people searches and how to attract users as well as Google to your page.
You can be careful about keyword stuffing, which may occur while writing and write well with confidence.
Writer can add keywords synonyms in appropriate context.
Google loves good content with keywords(DON’T stuff keywords, which will be penalized).

Best, Free Keyword tools

Google Adwords keyword tool
(Almost all are aware of this tool by now, so I am skipping this)

Google trends
Google Search Suggestion
Bing Search Suggestion
Yahoo Search Suggestion

Now we can look on these tools, Sorry they are actually services so don’t use them with any bot, they provide valuable data & services. How to use all in a combination for keyword research.

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