Marketing Agency Startup: Offering Web Development, SEO and Web Hosting

Today we’re going to be discussing web development, SEO and hosting and how to start offering it to your clients. As far as I’m concerned, this is the most important service to offer. Practically all the marketing efforts revolve around the website. Conversions will often occur onsite and website analytics are often used to benchmark marketing campaigns.

It’s also one of the most affordable solutions to implement. The only real overhead is the cost of the hosting reseller plan. Sure, there’s time involved in fulfilling the job, and that has to be invoiced for, but hosting is the only reoccuring fees from an outside company.


I would highly suggest one of these two solutions:

Whatever you do, make sure it’s not an “Endurance International Group” owned company. EIG has been acquiring hosting companies, stripping their infrastructure and turning them into a garbage service.


You don’t even need the creative suites anymore to start offering web development. WordPress has become the platform of choice for web developers. WordPress is open-sourced and 100% free. There are other free open-source CMS out there, such as Drupal and Joomla. These are going to be your best friends as a web developer.


As for how to start offering SEO? The onsite SEO is easy. Learn it, experiment with your own projects and master onsite SEO. Once you master it, you can offer it to clients.

Offsite SEO gets a little trickier. Linkbuilding is the biggest aspect of offsite SEO. Google (and Bing/Yahoo) looks at the number of links to sites and specific content as “internet votes”. The more you have, the better your site will do in search results.

Linkbuilding can be a very time-consuming task. This is why it’s much more difficult to offer (and expensive) when compared to onsite SEO. If you’d rather outsource it, here’s a whitelabeled SEO firm:

Best Dental Marketing Agency Announces SEO Secrets

For the past two years, Crawford and O’Brien have blazed trails in the dental marketing niche, which is an area of expertise that most people find difficult. In the past, most SEO agencies are content to create boring websites that have moderate success in ranking dental websites. After all, it’s an industry that basically speaks for itself. However, Crawford and O’Brien have taken this approach and turned in on its head. Using the latest online marketing techniques and by researching current marketing trends, Crawford and O’Brien have managed to become one of the top dental marketing agencies and remain so to this day.

In this video, Crawford and O’Brien show you some of their secrets to dental web marketing and dental Internet marketing. They call it their SEO secrets, and indeed, they are effective and important secrets! Most people mistakenly believe that SEO success is simply stuffing a website full of relevant keywords so that Google ranks their websites high and search engines place them on top of list searches. While this may work in the short run, this is a strategy that will inevitably fall flat on its face.

Here’s one juicy secret that Crawford and O’Brien gave during this great video: authority links is half of all SEO searches. Authority links are external links to your website from other relevant websites that already have a proven and strong presence online. The more authority links you have linked to your own website, the greater relevance Google will place on your website in terms of your particular niche. This will boost your SEO rankings and make your website climb higher on a search engine result.

If you want to learn more about Crawford and O’Brien’s SEO secrets, why not give the video a try? You will not only learn more about this awesome company, but more about how SEO can help your dental practice succeed!

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