Marketing Should Drive Website Development for Businesses

In this inaugural episode I wanted to talk about something that has been driving me crazy for the past few years working with small businesses. Many small businesses (and even larger businesses sometimes) engage in web development of their business website in a wrong way. It is rarely the case where marketing drives decisions to add features or make changes to the business website simply because neither business owner nor web developer have the knowledge necessary. Frankly speaking, they shouldn’t. They are not marketers, they are experts in their respective fields. Watch the video to see what I have to say about this, or read the transcript below. I throw in a few useful bits of information you can take away for your business in this video.

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Marketing Should Drive Website Development for Businesses

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How Start Your Own Business as Web Developer / Designer

#Learn Coding at TTH :


Please give advice for how to start your own business as web developer/ designer. (Small business at start but how?)

What tool are there to design/ develop your own website/portfolio.

Any advice for upcoming developer/designer.

Skills: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind Regards,

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I Will Say You Need to Have a Solid Websites Portfolio toS hwo to the Clients.
You Need to go your Local Downtown Business and Know on the Doors and Ask Them Do They Need Web Design Service.
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Website Design Tips for Small Business Owners

PostcardMania has some website design tips for small business owners. A great website is so critical to the success of a small business in these days of ever-evolving technology. We noticed that some of our postcard marketing customers were not being taken care of when it came to the design of their web pages, so we decided to expand our services.

That’s when we opened our web design department. We wanted to make sure our clients’ customers encountered consistent marketing quality from their postcards to their online experience with their website. This way the small business owners we serve could have a comprehensive marketing strategy that effectively leads prospects from postcard to purchase.

It starts with a great web design. You need a website that is aesthetically pleasing, preferably featuring pictures and graphics, without neglecting the essential message that you need to communicate to your prospects with well-written copy.

Then you can add great features like a blog. Blogs are a necessary part of any businesses website at this point. It keeps visitors connected with your company and keeps your website active, so that the search engines will find it more easily. Pay-per-Click (aka: PPC) advertising and Google Analytics are also useful tools to boost your website. PPC puts your website at the top of search results as a sponsored link. Google Analytics helps you track the traffic on your website which allows you to tweak the parts of your site that are not being effective.

The PostcardMania Channel on YouTube provides useful, actionable content for improving your business’ marketing and advertising campaigns. Our emphasis is on direct mail postcard marketing, but we also provide expert advice, commentary, and tips for other marketing mediums like email, website design, pay per click, and more. Find out more about PostcardMania on our website:

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The Top 10 Small Business Web Design Mistakes

If you’re frustrated by the lack of leads being generated by your shiny new website, you’ll really love this video. Outlined are 10 most common mistakes small business we designers make and how to avoid them. Watch this video for an immediate surge in traffic, leads and customers through your website (after you take action, of course).

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