Why SEO is Dead and What Works?

http://pagedomination.com/?t=seoisdead | SEO is dead | If you found this video you probably stumbled across SEO is Dead on Google or you heard a bunch of Search Engine Optimization companies or blog posts stating very clear that SEO is Dead.

Several years ago there were things you can do to get on the first page of Google that are very different than today’s strategy. In fact if you hire a SEO company that is utilizing systems or getting backlinks that are not relevant to the content, your website, blog post or video will get de-indexed and or penalized by using old SEO methods.

0:13 What works today
0:23 Why Social Media Rocks
0:54 The NEW SEO
2:30 Content is still king
4:11 Why SEO is Dead and what to avoid
7:02 Give value, engage your audience
9:27 Why SEO is Dead

The reason why I say SEO is Dead today is because there are much better methods that are much more effective to get your content at the top of the search engines. Simply give what your costumer wants! Provide Value and content that is readable! This has always been Google’s position — offer the best search experience for the end user. Writing content so that the search engines will find it by doing some keyword stuffing will provide a spike to the top of the search engines, but will not offer longevity or sustainability to your post. If it does work, it will be short term and today this practice is discouraged from all Internet search activity. Personally I think this is also a reflection as to what type of SEO strategies this person or company is doing so be cautious before you doing this type of SEO is Dead practices. Research what techniques and methods your SEO company is doing and this will save your website from being penalized.

So if “SEO is Dead” what works? Social Media is the NEW SEO! To prove my point, this video will get on the first page of google without using DEAD SEO methods by adding value that people will like, comment and share on Social Media networks. The search engines are starting to rank social media websites with high page authority like facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus. I show how Page Domination is at the top of the search engines on facebook so this is a huge indicator to me that the search engines are ranking Social Media. Always add fresh and relevant content to send strong signals to the search engines. The search engines like to see fresh content and active social media posting and promotion, plus this will keep you ranked higher and longer on the search engines.

As I discussed throughout the video, these are just some of the tools I use to monitor traffic, measure results, assess the competition and with cool video presentations.

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How To Create Custom Search Engine For Your Website?

http://www.gennexttech.com – Get Ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing

How To Create Custom Search Engine For Your Website?

The Google Custom Search Engine

Ever wish you could create a personalized, customized search engine that searches only across sites that you specify and displays results that you know will be right for you or your students? Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) allows you do do just that. All you need to do is choose the websites and pages you’d like to search, then follow a few simple steps to create a CSE. Think of it as putting the power of Google web search to work for you.

Let’s say you’re a grade school teacher and you want your students to access only child-safe sites. You can pre-select the sites, list them in the settings of your new search engine, and then let your students use it — knowing that they’re searching the web safely. And because you choose the sites to search, they’ll get a limited number of highly relevant search results, making the time they spend online more efficient and rewarding.

You can also share your knowledge and expertise with colleagues and the educational community at large by creating a CSE that searches a specific set of educational sites, professionally vetted resources, or an esoteric blend of your personal favorites. There’s no limit to the number of CSEs you can create — in fact, since we released the CSE tool, people have created more than 100,000 custom search engines, reflecting all kinds of interests and purposes.

With Google Custom Search Engine, you can:

Create a CSE at any time and Google will give you a landing page with a unique URL. You also have the option of applying your own site’s look and feel.
Invite friends and colleagues to collaborate and contribute to your search engine, enhancing its usefulness to your community.
Provide your own search refinements within results pages so it’s easier for your users to find the information they’re looking for.
Easily add more sites to your search engine’s index as you surf the web.
New! You can create a CSE on the fly simply by cutting and pasting a few lines of code into your website’s HTML. Your new automatically generated CSE will let people search the websites you’ve linked to, as well as the sites they link to. For instance, if you’ve created a directory, a blog roll, or a list of online resources, your CSE will enable your users to search across these sites and the sites they reference.

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How to Create a Website from Scratch in Under 10 Minutes!

Lazy stoner Jay shows you how to easily create an awesome looking website in under 10 minutes for only a few bucks!

A lot of people think that building a site has to be complicated or expensive but that simply isn’t true… so I made this video to show you exactly how to create a website from scratch in under ten minutes without the need for any special software or programming knowledge.

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Search Engine Optimisation Consultant | Search Engine Optimization Consultants Are Not Equal

Search Engine Optimisation Consultant http://seomelbourne1.com/seoc/

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Before hiring a search engine optimisation consultant watch this video which reveals 6 things you need to know.

The 6 things are:

Deal with a real person who is an seo expert not an account service meet and greet type
Treat your business as though it’s their own
Will guarantee results in writing
Can get results now with the current Google ranking algorithm
Has a marketing background and is focused on growing your business not just ranking your website
Can rank you for terms that matter and will bring your business buyers

Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3L9akQs9Pc

To very best market your web site, work with a good quality Search engine optimisation artist. These kind of pros can easily set up your web site to ensure when related key phrases are entered into a google search your enterprise is discovered. A novice Search engine optimisation author could run into several problems, consequently having a specialist working for you is vital.

Analysis web directories to advertise your site. It’s nearly impossible to find in to the higher search engine rank around the massive engines like google with no strong Search engine optimization software. There are generally websites specialized in joining together backlinks about market merchandise and also categories. Find those serve your own marketplaces and make certain you might be within the links.

If your website provides competitors that will consistently out and about list yours on the search engine results webpages, do not be green with envy. Alternatively take into account the circumstance being a learning prospect. Review of your competitors to learn their work to acquire listed extremely. You may learn Search engine optimisation consultant you can use successfully for your website.

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